Posted by: gayleegayle | April 25, 2010

21 Days of Coffee and Contemplation

Coffee & Contemplation



I grab a cup of coffee every morning like most of the world.   However, the difference between me and most of the world is that this is less of a mindless act and more of an event.  I call it–oddly enough–The Coffee Hour.

My morning coffee has always been special to me and my view of it as an event sets me apart.  Yes, I do love coffee and probably need a 12-step program, but my coffee hour is so much more than that.  Throughout most of my adult life no matter how early I needed to get up for work, for children, or for an appointment,  I always got up in time to have that special moment of coffee and deep thought.  This practice has served me well, propelling me forward in many areas of my life including writing.

The problem in later years though, has been getting caught up in the wireless fray–checking email, Facebook, iGoogle and, before you know it, 52 other sites because one click leads to another.  And let’s not talk about the phone.

Multitasking and Distraction

There indeed lies the problem—multitasking to the point of distraction and less focus on deep thought.  Deep thought is truly needed right now (and I’m not talking about the comedic Jack Handy variety here).

The X Factor

No matter how positive one tries to be you can’t help but feel the global unrest in the air on every level including financially, politically, and environmentally.  The earth is clearly weighing in showing symptoms of stress with unprecedented changes in its terrain and behavior.

I believe it’s a turning point for us all and we need to get prepared for more of the X factor.  We have taken so much for granted thinking that the way we have been living is guaranteed forever.  It began with the wake-up call of 9/11 and most recently the economic downturn in housing and jobs—or the lack thereof.  Most of us have been caught out there without plan B every time.  We have to know by now that this is not a drill and we need to be prepared through Z and beyond.

Spinning My Wheels

 In the past few months I have been pushing myself to excel in many areas and I have to give myself credit.  I have made progress–working out, eating well, taking writing courses, brainstorming ideas for new revenue streams, job-hunting strategies–but it’s still not enough.  There’s lots of wheel spinning and sweating going on, but not enough traction in any one area to make a significant change or create a real breakthrough.


If ever there was a moment when I needed to step back, focus and listen to my spiritual advisors, namely our creator and the universe, I would say the time is now.

For the next 21 days, I’ll be the one in my PJ’s with my coffee in one hand, pen and paper in the other, long before the sun has arrived.  With clarity as my intention and meditation my sole agenda, I will be listening and letting the pen move me whenever the message is there.


Your presence too has been requested.  Grab your cup and join me.   Is before sunrise too early for you?  No problem.  SUBSCRIBE on the right and you can check out my post on your time.

Enjoy this moment–it’s the only one you really have.

UPDATE:  We are well past 21 days now–6 months and counting to be precise.  I am weighing in to let you know that this practice is still in full effect.  It has served me well.  There are no earth-shattering results to report, but it’s more like a steady course on a ship, navagating storms and swells making progress all the while because my vision of where I want my life to go is clearer and stronger than ever.  I suspect that this coming year will be one of  amazing change.  Stay tuned!



  1. Yeah Gayle, I feel you. Plan b-z is definitely required–for us it always has. What’s the old saying, “fail to plan-plan to fail”? I too have gotten away from my morning ritual, which included exercise, meditation and writing. This is due to a shift in schedule(working longer hours at night)and feeling overly tired in the AM.

    However, on the philosophical tip, I think these shifts are not all that unusual if we consider that life is dynamic and not static; a series of changes with its relevancy continuing to shift as we move through it. What was once considered important is now put on the back burner replaced with the next new challenge.

    These transitions are necessary for growth. Our ability or willingness to strategically adjust is often what makes the difference between a positive or negative experience.

    A successful strategy might be one that assesses all outcomes within a given set of possibilities. One then takes decisive action based on this assessment. ACTION is the key here, because we know how we can and sometimes do think a strategy to death.

    However,(and this is where it may become a little confusing)it is not whether or not the stated goal is achieve that’s important. It’s the fact that one has tried–shot high–reached beyond what was thought possible, that counts. In that act itself there is growth.

    “Morning has Moved” works for me.


  2. Al,

    Thank you for such comprehensive and insightful commentary. There are so many nuggets of truth in it. I hope you are able to get back on your own program soon. Life really is dynamic and we definitely need to treat it as a journey and not a destination.

    Thank you again for supporting Morning!


  3. I too get up each morning with that one cup of coffee and I believe I got it from you and our mother. It kind of slows me down since I’m a hyper person. Imagine that! Most people are pushed forward on coffee, not me, I savor the flavor and let it take me wherever my thoughts want to take me. I love sitting in my pjs and having that wonderful what if kind of day, that is, planning my next wow moment of the day and that could be anything. I find that as I age (gracefully) I’m getting younger at the same time. I’m making a concerted effort to laugh like a child and be more inquisitive, not that I never was. I find a lot of things either funny or just wonderful. I leave the sad, negative and bad things to those who feel they must. I want to miss nothing that is refreshing everyday. The world is not as the media would want us to believe. Besides,who is the media anyway. The more technology we gain the more we will come closer to the beauty of what life is all about, and that what was yesterday is not old it’s just that we are expanding our minds more.

    • Hi Dottie!

      So true, so true.

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  4. Gayle,
    The last time I checked facebook was November. I thought I’d look at my messages today and was struck by your coffee meditations. I assume the 21 days are long over. How did it go and what did you learn?
    I start each day with reading inspirational books, writing in my journal and meditating or doing yoga. It really helps me center.

    • Hi Seana!

      Please see update above.

      I agree with what you said about centering yourself–it helps you to be in control of your day and your life.

      Stay tuned… more to come!

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