Posted by: gayleegayle | May 8, 2010

Watch what you say!

Creating Self-Talk That Propels You to Success

 “In the beginning was the word.  And the word was with God.  And the word was God.”  ~The Bible-King James Version.  John 1:1~

               The Bible, The Quran, and The Torah are just words and yet these are words that people have lived by since the beginning of time.  They shape lives and nations.  The world is divided according to these words.

               Words are powerful. They can help, heal, soothe, hurt, wound, and kill with more accuracy than a scalpel or a gun. They can motivate, inspire and propel others to success. They can demean, demoralize, and enslave an entire race or generation. You have the power to create and destroy with your words.

               Think about the words you are you saying to the people closest to you every day?  What are you instilling in their minds?   If the words you say are not good, positive and uplifting, how can you expect good, positive and uplifting things to happen?

               But here’s the most important thing of all:   What are you saying to yourself?  Because if your self-talk is full of limiting and hurtful words, how can you possibly be the best you that you can be?

               I have long corrected my self-talk, or so I thought, but today I realized that there are still whisperings going on: 

  • “You can’t do that. “ 
  • “You are too old for that.” 
  • “You are not strong enough for that.” 

                All of this eventually translates into:  “I can’t.”  You tell yourself things and your mind accepts these things as fact, but these facts are disproven every day. 

                Ernestine Shepherd is 73 years old, according to a story on ABC News.  She runs 80 miles a week and surely looks decades younger.  Somehow she missed the memo on what you can or cannot do when you reach a certain age and thank God she did.  And get this:  She didn’t get started until she was in her fifties!

               There are countless examples, but what I want to get down to is that we need to examine what we are saying to ourselves about anything we’d like to change about ourselves and our lives.  Become conscious of your self-talk and when you catch yourself saying something limiting, no matter how small, try this:

  • Write down the negative statement.
  • Challenge the “truth” in the statement.
  • Turn it into a positive statement.
  • Notice the change in your feeling.
  • Write the statement on an index card.
  • Read it every day until it replaces the negative statement in your mind.
  • Take an action toward to make the new statement true.

Here’s an example: 

 “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

1)      Challenge the truth in this statement:

  • Maybe the rich are rich and the poor are poor because of what they are doing to stay that way.
  • Maybe if I study how rich people got rich, I might get rich too.

2)      Change your words:

“I’m rich and getting richer every day.”

3)      Change your actions:

  • I will examine my financial habits and work on improving them.
  • I will read about people who are in the financial situation I want to be in and learn how they got there.
  • I will improve my skills and abilities that can help me to get there.
  • I can change my financial situation any time I choose

4)      Reinforce this change every day!

Body Building Grandma Ernestine Shepherd Bench Presses, Runs Marathons At 73



  1. Your blog is right on time! love the color. keep up the good work.

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