Posted by: gayleegayle | October 15, 2010

Express Yourself!


We all have gifts to bring to the universe.  What many of us don’t realize is how important it is to express these gifts. 

A gift is something that generally comes, as Oprah says, “as easy as breathing.”  It’s not that the gifted don’t work hard to polish or expand those skills, but the essence, the raw talent of it, is already there. 

Here lies the problem.  Because it comes easy, we often don’t value it, so we set it aside like a yard-sale find.   

Writers that don’t write, dancers that don’t dance, singers that don’t sing all deprive the world of the gifts that they don’t express.  Every grain of sand is important to a beach.  

And what about the joy it brings to you? 

What are your gifts?  Express them today!



  1. Yes we all have gifts that have been deposited in to us from our heavenly Father. He gave them to us to give to others. Someone is waiting to be blessed by what he has given us. Also it will bless you in so many ways.
    Don’t be selfish, give out of yourself and you will find great fullfillment in your purpose in life. their is so much need for others, just think of what we can accomplish when we help others through our talents or our resouces.
    I am an encourager, blessd by God and I ask every morning “who do you want me to bless today”? He always put someone in my path and most of the time it is something very simple to do for Him.
    Smile,someone needs it. Laugh simeone needs to be lifted up. Buy someone a cup a coffee, it may make them feel good today. Send and email, card, text or a phone call, They’re waiting to know that someone cares about them.
    Remember everything you have came from the Lord who made heaven and earth and everything you have you can not take with you, give it away.
    “Trust God and He will never forsake you nor leave you.
    Do it like your life depended on it.
    I live you!

  2. This is so true. We often don’t share our gifts when we lack the confidence that others will want to receive it. That’s why the “encouragers” like Aunt Dotty and Mommy Gayle are so important to this world. Without you, many gifted folks have no idea why they are “sittin on.” Thank you ladies for helping to bless the world!!!

  3. Thanks.

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