Posted by: gayleegayle | January 1, 2011

Dogs, Bugs and Resolutions…

My late great dog, Suede, taking full advantage of someone else's bath.



Like everyone else in the world today, I’m setting myself up for what will probably be a waste of precious time.  Making promises I may not keep, creating reasons to feel bad–yet again, about myself. 

In spite of the track record of resolutions, I remain optimistic that this will be the time that I follow through and become the great person I dream of being.  That’s the beauty of being human.  We can improve.

I sometimes wonder if a dog or a bug has thoughts of being a better dog or bug.  Probably not, but unlike humans, they have the sense to stay in the moment.  There’s no multitasking for them.  Whether they are catching a breeze, getting something to eat, or seeking shelter from the rain, they remain focused.  It’s as though they realize that life is short so they enjoy, or at least deal with what’s happening right now. 

Truth be told though, I really love the concept of renewal.  At any time, not just on January 1st, I can decide to be better at anything.  I can shoot for improving my health and my skills, take up a new hobby, or whiten my teeth.  It’s what separates us from other living creatures.  Not only can we improve ourselves, we can take up noble causes to help others in the world to improve as well.

Some people look forward to the New Year with fear in their hearts expecting something ominous to happen.  I look forward to the New Year with the excitement of a child opening a well-wrapped present.    We can’t always choose what we get, but we surely can choose our response.  In fact, our attitude and preparation can even shape the things that happen or don’t. 

My goal is to strengthen the tools I am currently using that I believe will help me to cope throughout the remainder of my life.  Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and swimming are not only helping me to become physically fit, they also help me to be mentally and spiritually fit as well.  I feel these activities can help me to cope with whatever life throws my way in the future, like illness, loss and any other type of disaster, but they will also help me to fully enjoy the good things that come like celebrations, vacations, my grandchildren or just sunny days.

I feel so very thankful to have made it to this 1st day of a new year.  I look forward to all that this year brings, the promise of who I can be and what I can do to enhance my experience in it.  I am also glad to be human, but I will also take a lesson from my dog and bugs. 

“This is my life.  It is my one time to be me.  I want to experience every good thing.”  ~Maya Angelou~

Happy New Year Y’all!!!


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