Posted by: gayleegayle | August 6, 2011

Too Busy


Didn’t realize how busy I’ve been in the last few months. Totally consumed with my financial situation, work (thank God), events, and what’s on the horizon, sometimes living in the past wondering what I “woulda” “coulda” “shoulda” done.

This morning has been the most wonderful of all though. Why? Because I am taking the time to experience the joy of being. Not looking to the future or the past, not going over lists of what I should be doing.

Just breathing-noticing-experiencing-enjoying.

Try it with me.  I don’t care where you are or whether or not it’s a place you want/don’t want to be.  It doesn’t matter.

  • Notice without any judgment, your breath
  • Breathe in, breathe out
  • Relax
  • See-no really see what’s in front of you, around you
  • Empty your mind and just observe

If you’ve never done this before, try to spend at least five minutes or more here.  Anytime you feel your mind wandering to judgment or what you need to be doing, just take it gently back to observing your breath.

Here’s what I received:

  • I am excited to be alive and well and living on the planet
  • The smell of summer
  • I felt the warm breeze
  • Surrounded by a sense of love
  • The quiet of morning
  • The potential of a new day

It’s a luxury that everyone should take the time to experience, because really, this moment is everything you truly own.





  1. “The joy of being.” What a wonderful concept. Today I will be conscious of “just being”. I will not allow my mind to race through the day, into tomorrow, past next week to the beginning of the school year for my daughter. I will not let my finances consume my thoughts. I will not let the irresponsibility and unreliability of others put me in a bad space. I will not allow the fact that my apartment is in a disarray places me in an overwhelming and defeated state to where I don’t know where to begin. “I WILL JUST BE.” When I feel the energy of just being, I will then see it all for what it is.

    Thank You!


  2. This moment is the ground of pure potential, where all things in the future are created with the greatest of ease. It’s how, after months of promising, fretting, posturing and starting unfinished blog posts left like carcasses in the desert, I was able to post spontaneously without a draft in sight. Thank you Lesa for joining me in enjoying this moment!

  3. Nice article.

    • Glad you took a moment to enjoy. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the insight. My girls and I say a morning prayer of thanks, but when things get crazy it becomes so routine that we are on autopilot!! Thanks for reminding me to “stop and smell the roses!” 🙂

    • That’s great that you not only do this for yourself, but you are making your girls conscious of this practice as well. We all need a reminder because we get caught up. Thanks Dawn!

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