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If we are made in His likeness, as the Bible says, then we should be doing what He does in our own realm.  Creating.  It’s different for everyone of course, but somewhere deep down we know without knowing what we should be doing.

It doesn’t matter what it is and we don’t always understand the why.  It’s just important that you do your work.

Here’s how you can identify what you do.  As Oprah said, once she understood her work/her mission, “It’s as easy as breathing.”   She went on to discuss how you get lost in it and that time has no purpose here.  You could do it for hours and you don’t even realize that so much time has passed.  What do you do that makes you feel this way?

You have a mission, a purpose, and no matter how insignificant it may seem, it matters.  You may create beauty in the garden, food in the kitchen, words that teach or soothe, but there is always more to it than you know.  It doesn’t matter if you do it on a small or a grand scale, it doesn’t matter if you become famous or rich, what matters is that you do what YOU came to do.

A gifted hair-stylist I know creates beauty in the unique styles she fashions, but in touching the crown of one’s head (the Crown Chakra) she also touches the mind, heart and soul.  Somehow those who reap the benefit of her work always walk away feeling better about themselves or their lives.  They walk a little taller; they feel smarter, informed or inspired like they’ve had a healing of sorts.  Understand that this is not a job for her; it’s the calling of a gift that comes from within.  She is moved to do this and the result speaks for itself.

The amazing thing about acting on your gifts is that it not only benefits others, it benefits you as well.  The universe is an efficient system of brilliant architecture where everything is useful.  A great example of this is that trees and plants give off oxygen which benefits us and we give off carbon dioxide which benefits them.

Where does your gift of creation lie?  Don’t deprive the world or yourself of the benefit of what you came to do.

As Nike says, “Just Do It!”



  1. Beautiful!

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