Posted by: gayleegayle | January 13, 2013

May Cause Miracles? I hope so!


I am a self-help junkie and proud of it.  Many years ago, I felt like I needed some professional guidance–as in therapy.  I mean who doesn’t?   In seeking this help I learned two things.  One, with five children I couldn’t afford it and two, getting the right person for you could be like finding a needle in a haystack.

So instead, I turned to reading. I would visit the bookstore across the street from my job at lunchtime (yes, yes, I know I am dating myself, but this was way before YouTube and Google) and peruse everything available.  I must have been late to this party because the bookstore was packed with people doing the same.

There are millions of books out there on any subject you could ever want or need.  I would look hungrily through book jackets and magazine covers for things that spoke to my issue of the minute.  I recognized then that I was on to something.  Not every book or article is going to solve your issue, but you will definitely walk away with a new perspective, solutions to try or a confirmation that maybe shooting people or suicide is NOT the answer.  As a result of this practice, I was able to assist my children’s pediatrician with a proper diagnosis for a scalp issue, become a better writer, mother, wife and person.

Today, I can promise you that I know myself. I know what I love, what I want out of my life, what is important to me and where I am going.  And when I want some new information, I research it on Google, Amazon, or yes, I still occasionally go to a great book store.

I have come a long way from those early days with a huge toolbox of ways to help myself that work for me, but the quest for knowledge is never-ending. My current read is “May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness” by Gabrielle Bernstein.  You can check it out here:



  1. I am such a proponent of “do something” instead of just talking about it. I really enjoyed this post. I wrote a short book a few years ago titled “Life’s Just Not That Complicated”. It won’t win any writers awards but your post confirms for me that things in life are not nearly as difficult as we sometimes make them. Thanks for a little common sense!

    • Jim,
      Our awards are in the hearts we touch with our words. I feel so honored that you stopped by and took the time to comment (I was a St. Elsewhere fan!). May you continue to win over the storms in your life. Thanks.

  2. I absolutely Love you!!! I was just saying that I need some inspiration and I received your blog! I always seem to receive your beautiful work when I need it the most. Thank you!

    • Sumayyieh,

      Your words warm my heart and make writing worthwhile. Thank you!

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